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About us

Qingdao Jianhua Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production of pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry slaughtering, cutting a comprehensive private enterprise production lines and various slaughtering equipment. At present, the company has research centers, casting companies, installation companies, service companies, five production plants, three plants, the core business covers an area of over 50,000 square meters.

Over the years, the company adhere to the independent innovation and re-innovation digestion and absorption of combining road of development, and is committed to brand development and protection. Has developed and put into use pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry, four production lines, the experts identified technical indicators and comprehensive are in the advanced level of similar products, including pigs, cattle, sheep line leading products fill the gap and to meet EU standards, can completely replace similar foreign products. According to market research, the difference imported equipment and domestic equipment is 8: 1, whereby each year can save a lot of foreign exchange for the country and slaughtering and processing enterprises, can participate in international competition at a higher level.

The company's main facilities and sales regions:
Pig line: automatic three faint clicking of Formula Brain Heart hemp motor, flat belt conveyor trough Lek blood, pig whip-type washing machines, steam scalding tunnel, screw machine to fight hair, hair style delivery system, hog lift machine, pre-dryer, automatic singeing furnace, washing machine sectional light, white disc visceral quarantine conveyors, red viscera conveyor profiled rail tube enclosed Lek blood (carcass IOUs) automatic transmission lines, shaped tube turnout, back empty line empty hook automatic disinfection mechanism, shaped tube rail enclosed back empty automatic line, split between carcass fall machine, pig hoof beat hair dryer, modular split conveyor automatic line, automatic thermostat crate washer, are currently the best-selling domestic Sichuan high, 4 Chuankang green, Sichuan Chang-Lin, Ching Lin, Zhejiang, Hunan, Roland animal husbandry, Shandong Le Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Liaocheng, Jiangsu Su food, Heilongjiang Harbin Roulian other group companies and North Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Thailand and other countries and regions.
Bovine line: two legged cattle mention living box hanging flap, flap inclined floor boxes, electrical stimulation device with centralized drainage trough sink pneumatic lifts, pneumatic lifts take white viscera, carcass processing automatically transmission lines, red viscera quarantine automatic transmission lines, disc white offal quarantine automatic conveyor line, belt conveyor line automatic white quarantine organs, blood Lek automatic conveyor line, automatic transmission line IOUs processing, two-speed washing machine belly, IOUs drop machine, modular (nylon belt) transmission lines, and automatic segmentation process, is now selling domestic Inner Mongolia East Wan Qi, Henan Nanle, Qinghai high source, Liaoning grand, Liao Ning Xinfeng, Binxi Heilongjiang, Changchun Haoyue, Nanyang and other group companies Mongolia, Japan, Pakistan and other countries and regions.
Sheep line: V-type electric Ma automatic conveyors, chain-type drain the blood (passing, carcass processing) automatic transmission lines, closed rail Lek blood (passing, carcass processing) automatic transmission lines, head, feet, synchronization quarantine conveyor line, hanging red and white viscera synchronous quarantine conveyor line, floor-white quarantine viscera synchronous transmission lines, red viscera synchronous quarantine conveyor, arm-type sheep wrangling, drum machines and other sheep wrangling, is now selling domestic Inner Mongolia prairie Xingfa, Xinjiang, China Ling, Inner Mongolia little sheep, small-tailed sheep, sheep, Inner Mongolia, Ordos sheep industry, Liao Ning Xinfeng sheep industry, Wuwei in Gansu Yurun meat and other group companies and Mongolia, Russia, Belarus and other countries and regions.
Poultry Line: chickens, ducks cage washing machine, duck and goose cage conveyors, chain-type automatic transmission of various types of wire, electric water bath linen machine, ducks and geese with loose hair dryer, scalding steam drum machines, spray scalding machine, duck and goose feather head off the machine, A coarse (fine) molt, vertical coarse (fine) feather off the machine, the Baptist wax, cold wax machine, duck and goose feather claw off, automatic cut claw machine, automatic decoupling device, spiral cooling machine, IOUs draining machine, dividing conveyor line, playing chicken claw machine, stripping machine gizzards, now best-selling domestic Shanxi Shuozhou, Shanxi Xiaoyi, Jilin Tonghua, Liaoyang, Liaoning, Shandong Linyi, Aksu Shaya, Ningbo Dongfeng, happy Guizhou, Qinghai, Heilongjiang Hulin, Yining, Handan, Hebei, Fujian Nanping and other group companies and Libya, C?te d'Ivoire, Israel, Egypt and other countries and regions.
Leading technology, quality first, the customer first is the company's operating Jianhua Road, which will effectively promote the optimization and upgrading of product structure and standardized production. Produced by these products through scientific and technological achievements the Ministry of Commerce slaughter technology testing center expert organizations, and to weave, to develop, with the national industry standard 22 national standards 10, 22 national patents, has applied for acceptance 64 for here, the national Science and Technology respectively in 2005, 2007, twice awarded the "national Spark program project certificate."
The company's rapid growth and influence and credibility at home and abroad continue to expand, to this end, United Daily News, Shandong Province, Shandong, China Press was published entitled: "Jianhua: Total interest and national, and world dance"; " Huajian: uppercase Chinese language 'people' words Jianhua: loud Chinese enterprises, "the article special section to be reported. The company has won the Chinese meat processing machinery and equipment outstanding enterprises, China top ten famous brand slaughtering equipment, Chinese meat industry influence brand, the Chinese meat industry strong enterprises, Chinese patent - star enterprise in Shandong Province, Shandong Province, the contract Shou credit enterprises, good standardization of Shandong Province AAA level enterprise, Qingdao famous trademarks, Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology innovation advanced units, high-tech enterprises in Qingdao City, a number of honorary titles. "CH" brand products with high quality and good after-sales service to establish a Jianhua company honest and trustworthy corporate image.
"Sincere man, do something sophisticated, harmonious win-win" is the Jianhua company's operating philosophy and service purposes. I sincerely look forward to your patronage, and we would like to sincerely provide you with quality products and satisfactory service!


Minister for Business: business manager

Phone: 13589306087

Tel: 0532-87270326

Email: jianhua116@126.com

Add: Shandong Province, Qingdao Jiaozhou camp sea Third Industrial Park (204 State Road 200 meters south of the junction of Camp Sea east Jianhua Machinery)

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